Head Chef Varun Khanna

Offering modern British food with some contemporary twists

This Season's Highlights

    Beetroot Cured Salmon

    Exmoor Caviar, Whittaker’s Gin and Crème Fraîche Sorbet, Compressed Cucumber

    Beer Braised Iberico Pork Belly

    Crispy Pig’s Cheek, Apple and Fennel Salad, Mint Purée, Burnt Apple Sauce

    North Yorkshire Rack of Lamb

    Spiced Leg and Potato Puri, Apple Chutney, Tamarind, Mango Chutney, Mint Yoghurt

    Crab Curry

    Dressed Whitby Crab, Brown Crab Bhaji, Curried Carrot, Coconut and Lobster Bisque

    Beef Tea

    Beef Consommé, Braised Oxtail, Winter Vegetables

    Spilmans Asparagus

    Spring Truffle, White Asparagus and Sour Cream Velouté

    Frozen Passion Fruit Crème Brûlée

    Passion Fruit Tuile, Raspberry Coulis

    Camomile Panna Cotta

    Smoked Butter Shortbread, Barley and Kombucha Jelly, Lavender Honey

    Barbecued Jersey Royal Potatoes

    English Mustard Hollandaise, Pickled Shallot Rings, Chive Oil

The Restaurant

Formal yet relaxed

Welcome to our comfortable fine dining oasis, a culinary haven that seamlessly blends sophistication with a laid-back charm. The ambiance is both smart and relaxed, featuring plush yet unpretentious furnishings that beckon guests to unwind.

Soft, warm lighting casts a gentle glow over the space, creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere. The air is filled with a symphony of laughter and the clinking of glasses, as diners enjoy the exquisite fare in a setting which is more relaxed chic rather than a formal dining space.

The Produce

Where Every Plate Begins with the Finest Produce

When only the very best will do

Chef Varun creates culinary excellence by seamlessly blending luxury and local ingredients. From rare truffles or A5 Wagyu from Japan to fresh, locally-sourced produce, each element is thoughtfully selected for an exquisite dining experience that celebrates both global indulgence and community sustainability.